Hairstyle 2 Twisted Ponytail

Easy travel hairstyles
Continue this process until all your hair is curled. Then, once all the curls have cooled down, rake your fingers through your hair, loosening up and breaking up the curls.

Give your hair a quick, gentle brush, add a spritz of hairspray, and you’re good to go!

Easy travel hairstyles

Hairstyle 2: twisted ponytail

Easy travel hairstyles

A twist on the humble ponytail (pun intended), this travel hairstyle is perfect for a romantic barefoot stroll on Barceloneta Beach with the warm, salty air.


If you’re wearing Luxies for this hairstyle (which we recommend you should!), take out any wefts toward the front of your head.


Pull out a few bang pieces that will frame your face once you’ve finished the hairstyle. Then, take a 1 1/2 inch section of hair and begin creating a French twist.

Easy travel hairstyles


Split the section into two then twist the hair twice. Continue twisting the strand, adding a bit of hair to the bottom half everytime you twist.


Once you’ve reached your ear, finish off by twisting the strand normally until the bottom. Either tie off the end with a hair tie or with a clip, to keep the twists secure.


Repeat steps 2 – 4, then pancake the twists, pulling at them slightly to create more volume and romance. Once you have both twists complete, clip them together at the front of your face while you work on the ponytail. (Yes, you will look like you have a twisted beard for a second, but it’s all part of the fun!)


Easy travel hairstyles

Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail, then carefully add each twist into the ponytail and tie the whole thing off.

Since you’re on vacation, you can spice this style up with a headscarf or even some flowers to go along with the local culture’s vibe. Bellisima!

Easy travel hairstyles

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