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How To Perfect Rose Quartz Nail Art

Rose quartz nails have taken over Instagram. Mimicking the appearance of the pink-hued crystal of the same name, the style may seem complicated to execute—but it’s not! The trick, says Los Angeles-based nail artist Katie Masters (@nailthoughts), is to be mindful of your materials. “The look calls for a very sheer pink gel polish and […]


Kawaii nails moods

Kawaii nails moods Claudie c’est une copinaute de longue date, voilà maintenant presque 5 ans qu’on se connaît, qu’on discute, qu’on forume (oui j’invente des mots), qu’on fait des bébés en même temps (enfin...


Tropical Nail Art

While spring has technically sprung, Mother Nature seems to be grappling with some seasonal schizophrenia. But just because winter’s clutches are still icy and white doesn’t mean you’ve got to be stuck with cold...

Monochrome Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial 0

Monochrome Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Monochrome Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial Image: Source Let’s finish off this list with an easy one, shall we? I love this one! Anything monochrome is my cup of tea. This black and white polka...


Nautical Nails

Nautical Nails Nautical Nails Image: Source A fan of sailing and the vast open waters? Then this nautical nail is probably perfect for you. And if for some reason you don’t like the ocean, that’s...