9 Smart Ways to Cut Your Own Hair At Home

     Before we dive in, let’s be clear: Hair cutting is best left to the experts. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you go rogue with a pair of scissors, and we recommend making an appointment with a licensed hair stylist if you’re looking to make a big change. But if you need a quick bang trim or you have an out-of-control split end situation, use these instructional videos as inspiration for an at-home haircut. And if things go awry, seek comfort in these all-too-relatable feelings about a growing out a bad haircut.

1-Trimming Curly Hair

     Best for those with thick, curly hair, this video is all about sectioning your layers and making minor cuts to your ends for healthier hair in between professional trips to the salon.

2-Asymmetrical Bob

      As a young mom, Sarah relies on her trusty haircutting technique to save time and money. See how she cuts her bob using professional shears.

3-3 Ways to Cut Bangs

      Stella Cini walks us through three different ways to give yourself bangs. Whether you want them straight across, side swept, or more of a curtain style, she’s got tips for every scenario.

4-Layering Long Hair

     For layers that rival your favorite celeb, consider this hair tutorial. Her go-to advice? De-frizz your hair with coconut oil before you start cutting.

5-Quickly Removing Split Ends

      If you need a quick fix to pesky split ends, look no further than this tutorial. Using a comb and her fingers, this YouTuber shows how small cuts can make a major difference in your hairstyle.

6-Pixie Cut

     For her semi-relaxed hair, Kaye guides us through how she maintains her pixie cut. Hint: plenty of butterfly clamps and patience.

7-Get Rid of Split Ends

    Using small rubber bands, this YouTuber cuts her medium-length hair in three different ways. Depending on how you want your ends to look, you can find the ideal version of your next cut.

8-Trimming Short Hair

    Professional stylist Heather does not recommend cutting your own hair, but offers her expert advice just in case you need it. The key, she says, is to use a mirror to make sure the back is under control.

9-Cutting Long Layers

     Here, YouTuber Erikamari explains how her hairstylist aunt taught her to section and cut her long, layered hair. The result? A more textured, bouncy update to her hair.

I wish everyone happy and beautiful days….

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