7 Spring Nail Polish Colors You Have To Try

7 Spring Nail Polish Colors You Have To Try

7 Spring Nail Polish Colors You Have To Try

Bright Yellow

Everyone is obsessed with yellow right now, so if you’re looking for something extra trendy, this is the way to go!

Minty Green

Ugh, how lovely is this color?! It’s sweet, subtle, and stylish. You can rock it to a brunch date with friends or a romantic picnic with bae.

Lovely Lavender

Let’s be real, you can never go wrong with lavender nails in the springtime. Doesn’t it just remind you of pretty flowers?!

Cute Coral

Red can be a little extreme, so if you’re looking for something bold but not crazy, definitely opt for a coral shade.

Tiffany Blue

Switch things up and swap out your royal blue polish for this robin egg blue.

Bright Purple

This color is so much fun! It just screams Spring Break

Natural Nude

If color just isn’t your thing, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of nudes to pick from.

Pretty Periwinkle

Pair this shade with a cute maxi dress and you’re good to go! And don’t forget to take an Insta pic.

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