7 Fall-Tastic Nail Polish Colors You Need To Grab Now

There’s nothing quite like getting (or giving yourself) a fresh mani and pedi! Now that fall is officially here, and the weather is starting to match, it’s only natural to desire to switch things up a bit. With that said, we understand that finding a new nail polish color might be easier said that done.

Come on, you know what we’re talking about. Rocket science it ain’t, but have you ever walked into a nail salon and felt overwhelmed at all the choices? Same. Or do you rifle through your at-home collection of nail lacquers only to find hues that seem to be, well, lacking? Been there, sis.

So, what’s a girl to to do?

Don’t worry. We’re here to give you a hand. First thing’s first, stop falling back on your signature shade (yes, we know it’s gorgeous, but step away). Next, allow yourself to be inspired by our rounded up eight nail polish shades perfect for fall and beyond. Lastly, pick your favorite and add it to your collection so you can walk into your next manicure or pedicure appointment with confidence. Keep the name in mind because we’re sure people are going to ask.

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Just because we’ve said farewell to summer, doesn’t mean the sun sets on bright nail colors. Take a toned down approach with a mellow mustard yellow that’ll fit right into a classic fall color palette.

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Burnt orange goes metallic. Copper is the metal tone that should say in heavy rotation this season.

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A dusty purple with just enough pink so it won’t wash you out. Say hello to your go-to new neutral.

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Navy blue, another tried-and-true fall favorite, is back and better than ever. Pick a formula that becomes opaque with one or two coats and leaves behind a lovely sheen.

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A ripe cranberry will give oxblood, the ole fall standby, a run for its money. Bonus points if it has subtle flecks of gold sprinkled throughout. It’s sure to make a holly-jolly pick for the holidays.

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Feeling luxe? Well, you will after one swipe of rich green lacquer. Use this color to manifest wealth all year.

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A dark purple polish will take you from night to day (yes, you read that right). Who needs sleep when there are memories to make and bags to secure?

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Bring on earthy vibes with a rich brown shade. This sophisticated neutral belongs in your collection.

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